Driving down Melrose on a gorgeous almost-Spring day like we've been having lately, you might wonder why someone would open an umbrella company where The Foundry used to be. Truth is, the new Melrose Umbrella Co., which opened this week, doesn't sell umbrellas at all, just classic cocktails that harken back to when Prohibition was repealed and an umbrella with falling raindrops signified 'Many Wet Days to Come'. Designed by M. Winter Designs, the bar is filled with vintage artifacts, from actual umbrellas hanging over wooden booths to vaulted ceilings, wood beams, 1920s apothecary cabinets, fireplaces and subway tiles, a complete transformation from Eric Greenspan's old restaurant. And although this isn't the chef's house anymore, he is still contributing to the menu - bar snacks like his famous grilled cheese sandwiches are available.

Zach Patterson, who owns the joint with Ian Shepp and Austin Melrose, teamed up with drink visionaries like Julian Cox, Josh Goldman and Paul Sanguinetti for the cocktail list; among them, they've satiated sipsters at places like RiveraShort OrderPetty Cash and Ray's and Stark Bar, to name a few. You'll find all the requisite accoutrements - housemade tinctures, syrups and tonics, fresh juices and artisanal spirits - in reinterpreted classics and new concoctions. The bar opens daily at 4 PM and closes at 11 PM, Sunday through Wednesday, and 2 AM, Thursday through Saturday. 7465 Melrose Ave.; 323-951-0709

Dani Goodman